Pisgah Peak's Vision

Pisgah Peak’s Vision


Pisgah Peaks Mission

I wanted to take some time this week to explore the rationale and mission behind Pisgah Peaks Ventures. I want to be sure to make sure we approach our vision from a couple of different lenses. First, is through the perspective of a company who is growing fast, leaps and bounds, and has aspirations to be the next “big-thing”. We feel like we’re working on a project like with TrustEase and their game-changing software. We feel eventually they will become ubiquitous in the trust administration/wealth management field. 

However, we also want to look at our agency through the lense of your typical small-business. Not everyone has aspirations of an exit deal or raising VC funding. They enjoy running their small business. They have a local/regional following. They have a product or service that enables their community, and they don’t want that to change. However, maybe when they started running an online webpage it was simple, now it’s become an overwhelming task. Or in the early 2000’s, running a PPC campaign was not that complicated, but no longer! Maybe they want to modernize their look, but don’t know where to begin?


Not just large enterprises! 

In the case of one of our clients W2 Tech, they had to evolve through no choice of their own. Their method of doing business had suddenly been ripped from them due to COVID. The business itself is a textbook example of American small business. The company is run by a husband and wife for over twenty-five years, achieving staying power through sheer grit and ingenuity of the owners. We are currently working with them to build a very modern online shop that will allow them to continue to serve their clients. Once the store is built and successfully launched, we will sit down and design a customized monthly package that suits their on-going needs. The cost of this is a fraction of what other agencies would have charged, as we’re leveraging our network to complete tasks. 

I come from the perspective of several start-ups (Franny’s Farmacy and TrustEase). I really saw how much capital went into the period between “concept” and “real-business”. What do I mean by this?

Focus on what you do best! 

 Every entrepreneur has a particular skill set. This is inherently what got them to this point in their business cycle. Our CEO at Franny’s was a builder and general contractor by trade. Inevitably we started looking at branding companies, CRM systems, social media coordinators, PPC specialists, web developers with more robust talents, etc. We were floored at the capital required to get each initiative off of the ground. Where do you even start? We really did not know. Unfortunately, this caused us to spin our wheels for a few months, wasting tens of thousands of dollars in “branding” that we really didn’t need, only to circle back months later attempting to resolve the same issues we had paid to “solve” months prior.

Ultimately, in the life of every start-up, the founders hit the point where they have exhausted their own skill-sets. Let’s take the franchising industry for example. I spent over a year learning the ins and outs of the industry. I could sit down, and in 2-4 weeks, ramp up your own franchise offering, without you making the same mistakes I made? It’s a short, purposeful, yet impactful relationship that could allow your business to stay lean, while making significant strides toward an important goal for your company. 


How can we assist? 

This brought me back to, in my humble opinion, an unfulfilled niche in our business culture. A lean consulting agency that relied on high-level strategy and leveraged its network to provide hyper focused solutions, to solve very specific pain points. I reflected more on the massive start-up costs a growing, multi-million dollar company was facing, and I wondered how the smaller “mom and pop” small businesses would be able to explore these options and decide which growth channels were for them, and which were not! 

This led me to found Pisgah Peaks Ventures. We want to be able to help scale agile/modern businesses, but also provide quality/affordable solutions for all businesses, of all sizes. We understand that not every relationship needs to extend for months/years at a time. PPV is here for your business, whether it be a one-week project or something more intensive.

We know that cash flow is everything for a small business. So we also will offer affordable monthly payment options to allow businesses of all sizes to access the support they need to grow at the rate they want to grow. 


If you are interested in learning more about our services, please drop us a line @ brandon@pisgahpeaks.ventures and I’ll reach out to you!

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